The Pure Power of Nature.


Our Grand Cru vineyard, Hofberg, is located in western Germany on a tributary of the Mosel, called Dhron by a village of the same name. We have been planting special Pinot Noir clones here since 2006 on a little more than 7 acres on steep slopes with ideal exposures. We strive to focus on producing the best and put all our efforts in to making only one wine, Grand Vin, per vintage.

The complex soil is reddish and traversed by iron oxides that lend the wine its typical minerality and a certain salty tone. Compared to the more southerly situated Burgundy region, the climate here is somewhat cooler. The result is a strong acidity as the backbone for the fruitiness and purity of the wine which is darker and more color-stable than conventional Burgundy.

The best is just good enough to satisfy Pinot Noir, the queen of the red wines.  The painstaking techniques include:  selective harvesting by hand, ecological soil cultivation without chemicals and preparation and bottling done in the old French style—in a basket crusher without mechanical pumping—just like in the pre-machine age, when even more nut trees stood in the vineyards. In their shade, the workers could rest.